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Tattoos At the Ink Inn we try our hardest to provide as much information for first timers as possible, and also to reassure those of you old hands out there that we can achieve what you are looking for. There are a few things you should think about before getting your first tattoo, hopefully the information below will help you along the way to getting your first bit of Ink!

Designs: We provide many different designs and styles here, whether pre drawn or custom, there are no limits. Tattooing is all about Individuality, speak to us about your ideas and we will create something that is unique and personal to you.

Inspiration: Inspiration can be taken from anywhere or anything, patterns, books, even paintings . However one thing you should consider is time, don't do it for fashion, try and stay clear of band logos or names of loved ones. Tattoos last a lifetime, relationships usually don't!

Size and Placement: This is a very important factor for your tattoo, designs will look a lot better in some places than others. A good tattoo can look awful if placed wrong, however we can always advise on the placement and where we think it will look best. We always recommend that the first tattoo should be done where it can be easily covered if need be by clothing, i.e upper arms, legs, shoulders and back.

The Right Tattooist: So you have got your design sorted, you know where you want it, now who do you get to do it? If you are reading this then you're already there, however if you choose not to come to us there a few things which you should always be aware of: Every studio should have their registration and insurance certificate on show. An autoclave steriliser and certificate of authentication for this, and albums or portfolios of work carried out at that studio - we have all of these things so feel free to ask!

Does it Hurt?? This is the most commonly asked question for first timers, but really it depends on the person everybody feels it differently due to different pain thresholds, also some areas are more tender than others. The process of being tattooed means that a series of needles are puncturing the skin at high speed, so you are going to feel something. Whatever you do though, sitting still is a must - hitting a moving target does not lend well to a good tattoo. We can offer a numbing service at cost. This will at least take some of the pain away, however we do like to think that for your first tattoo you have to feel it, earn it if you like. But never the less it is an option.

Clothing: Clothing is quite an important factor when you're having your first one, for example your best England shirt is not a good idea if you're having a block tribal design on your shoulder. Equally girls, if you're having a design on your thigh a skirt would be the best bet, otherwise you may find yourself sat in nothing but your knickers!

Aftercare: Once the tattoo is finished, we have done our bit, now it's up to you. We will explain how to look after it and give you an aftercare leaflet when your tattoo has been done. We also offer a free touch up service if your tattoo is damaged whilst healing, but we can tell if you have been picking! Finally, we hope we have helped you on your way to getting your first tattoo, if however you do have any questions feel free to give us a ring at the shop.

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